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Aro’s wonderful characters, Adisa, Kazim, and Kyle


and as of today, the preorder for the Gundam Tanaka Fanart Anthology is out!

Each book will be 40 pages long, with 33 pages of original illustrations based on the character Tanaka Gundam from the video game Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Academy.

The size is 6.6”x 10.25”, or comic book size. It will be full color and have a nice finish on every page!

All the illustrations in this are completely new (not shown online) works from various artists (full list of contributors and their tumblrs here).

By preordering, you will receive one (1) art book as well as four (4) stickers on a sticker sheet.

Lots of love for the game, the characters, and these illustrations has been put into this book so we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did making it!!

The book will be $20.00 before shipping. Be sure to click the link at the top to get your book! 

I have been gone for a while working on the two pieces I have in here! Everyone’s work is excellent and pre-orders come with stickers, as well.

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I hope they kept their father’s boat.


braidcut replied to your post:art trade anyone?
You wanna do a Koujaku art trade? Like we both draw him and spread he Koujaku love.

legit says yes to any art trade mentioning koujaku so yes x1000

A Koujaku for one. A Koujaku for all.



For JoyeJoyu! Their fairy prince with a snake buddy and frog friend.


I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOUR MUSHROOM BABY and all I wanted to give him were some ectothermic buddies who wish to be warmed by his tea.








Merry Christmas Rinny !! Yup, I was your secret santa for Sekrit Santa 2013! I apologize for blundering all your characters with my sketchy style in my attempt to fullfill your wishlist(s)! I hope I drew/interpreted them correctly;;; I especially had fun drawing magical Bristol and fail-genderbend Lupin lol (I’m sorry;;)!

I have no idea what sort of clothes are considered ‘cute clothes’, considering the fact that I have no fashion-sense myself;;; Emily’s and Riley’s clothes are based on some korean designs that caught my eye while looking through fashion/clothing magazines. 

I-I-I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed making it!

Thanks chaddiecakes for organizing such a great event and choco for inviting me!

What the heckie no… I love this so much. You drew something for each of my universes this makes me so happy gahhh….

AND THOSE MAGICAL GIRL OUFITS OOOOOOO. Definitely gonna be drawing those one day. Bristol being en pointe he has ballet skills from now on.

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For a lil’ oc-fashion trade with Cae. Sonako and Ein.

Tea parties

School’s been getting in the way of anything art related, but I still made time to draw Anthy for Yuka-tan's birthday!

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