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my queue ran out yesterday so it’s as good a time as any to stop being lazy and actually post this since it’s been finished for like a month 

i am just so SO IN AWE of braidcut's amazing cover art for this?????? please what a fantastic person i never dreamed to get something this wonderful i love everyone especially rin

listen on 8tracks with lyric annotations here !! obvious tags for #999 spoilers and vlr spoilers implied

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I did a zero escape themed switcharound with Rin and Bri! Thanks so much for working with me I had a great time ^^

kawaiibt answered your post: Pokemon Requests Open!

How about gogoat?

yuka-tan answered your post: Pokemon Requests Open!

Helioptile is my new fav i would love some helioptile!!

usagiiya replied to your post: Pokemon Requests Open!

Ooh, altaria or azumarill? :’)

Pokemon Requests Open!

Man, I’m so excited for the remakes that I just want you to give me some pokemon to draw. Question mark?

Aro’s wonderful characters, Adisa, Kazim, and Kyle


and as of today, the preorder for the Gundam Tanaka Fanart Anthology is out!

Each book will be 40 pages long, with 33 pages of original illustrations based on the character Tanaka Gundam from the video game Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Academy.

The size is 6.6”x 10.25”, or comic book size. It will be full color and have a nice finish on every page!

All the illustrations in this are completely new (not shown online) works from various artists (full list of contributors and their tumblrs here).

By preordering, you will receive one (1) art book as well as four (4) stickers on a sticker sheet.

Lots of love for the game, the characters, and these illustrations has been put into this book so we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did making it!!

The book will be $20.00 before shipping. Be sure to click the link at the top to get your book! 

I have been gone for a while working on the two pieces I have in here! Everyone’s work is excellent and pre-orders come with stickers, as well.

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