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Rin's hella cute characters >:-0

via 5i2


OOH This is Rachel’s character Laurie, because she drew me Emily and Riley. Do you like strawberry soda? I like strawberry soda..


my queue ran out yesterday so it’s as good a time as any to stop being lazy and actually post this since it’s been finished for like a month 

i am just so SO IN AWE of braidcut's amazing cover art for this?????? please what a fantastic person i never dreamed to get something this wonderful i love everyone especially rin

listen on 8tracks with lyric annotations here !! obvious tags for #999 spoilers and vlr spoilers implied


I did a zero escape themed switcharound with Rin and Bri! Thanks so much for working with me I had a great time ^^

kawaiibt answered your post: Pokemon Requests Open!

How about gogoat?

yuka-tan answered your post: Pokemon Requests Open!

Helioptile is my new fav i would love some helioptile!!

usagiiya replied to your post: Pokemon Requests Open!

Ooh, altaria or azumarill? :’)

Pokemon Requests Open!

Man, I’m so excited for the remakes that I just want you to give me some pokemon to draw. Question mark?

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